Master Tracker provides a simple, convenient way to trace and recover lost or stolen property. We provide services for both corporate and individual users. We also provide custom solutions designed for specific needs.

  How it Works:

     We provide you with numbered security labels or tags that you place on the items you want to protect. Use them on your cell phone, PDA, laptop, briefcase, luggage, etc...
     We have a simple 3 step process.
     Step 1. Apply the security tag to the item you want to protect.
     Step 2. Enter your contact details on-line. This information will not be displayed on-line.
     Step 3. Enter the descriptions of the items that you have tagged. 
       In the event that an item is lost or stolen, you  report it on-line through our members section. When the item is found, whoever found it can use your security label with the serial number to report it via the 1-800 number or web address on on the label.
      You will then be notified by e-mail that your property has been found with the contact details of the person that found it. You can then contact the individual directly for the return of your property. If you prefer, we will arrange the return of the item on your behalf. For more details see the individual or corporate services sections.
     Corporations and individuals have the option of offering a reward for the return of the missing item. See our rewards section for more details.
     For tips on labeling items and extra security features, please see our help section. For other questions and help, click here.